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Cichlid Aquarium Photos from contests

Cichlid Tank Pictures, South american and African Fishes.

The Cichlids fishes belongs to one of a most large and diverse vertebrate families, and contain over 1,600 known species. Aquarium hobbyists and fishkeepers, adore the multi-colored vivid fish and dedicate large aquariums for feeding and breeding particular Cichlids species. Cichlids live in a freshwater warm and tropical environment, and the majority of the species originate from Africa and South America. Among cichlids you can find the most common fishes like the Oscar fish, the Angelfish, Jack Dempsey and the Discus fish, and more rarely seen fishes like the Jakob the fishguts or the dogofwar. Check out our Cichlid photos and see exotic Cichlids from all over the world. You can also send us pictures of your own tank and add them to our growing collection of fish photos. Pictures of African cichlids tanks, from lake Tanganyika and lake Malawi.

120G Tank-Flowerhorn and Jaguar CichlidJaguar Cichlid, Flowerhorn, Green Terror GreenTrekest
Shark Catfish and Blood ParrotMono Sebae,Shark Catfish, Blood Parrot, Oscar fish, oscar albino. 75gtank
Mbuna Cichlids TankJewel Cichlid, Moorie, Mbuna, Electric Blue  Mbuna
80G Frontosa Tank Frontosa, Morrie, Calvus  Frontosa
70G Oscar fish TankGreen terror,pleco,oscar,Red Devil Cichlid, Texas cichlid,red devil (Amphilophus labiatus) oscartank
100G Blood Parrot aquariumRed Pacu,Texas cichlid,Jaguar, Electric Yellow,Spotted scat,Blood Parrot cichlidaquarium9
120 G Discus aquariumDiscus,Chinese Algae Eater ,Clown Loach, botia,CardinalfishAnubias,Echinodorus,Vesiculariamish
Cichlid tank 125 GTexas cichlid,Electric Blue Cichlid,Labidochromis Caeruleus, Red Devil Cichlid tank10
Tank of Oscar fishOscar oscarfish
Tropheus moorii Cichlid AquariumTropheus moorii,royal plecoAnubias,VesiculariaTropheus moorii
Cyphotilapia Frontosa AquariumFrontosa, Catfish Fronteza

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